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We are a women's traditional English dance team from Portland, Oregon. Our dances are all variations on English Garland dancing, a form of dance that uses arches, decorated with ribbons and flowers, formed into patterns by the motions of dance.

Several of our dances originated from our tour to England in August, 2005 when we joined the Chesterfield Garland Dancers, our sister team in England.

We dance at local events and festivals, beginning with May Day festivities and continuing into the fall, sometimes in the company of BridgetownMorris Men, Renegade Rose Morris, and Iron Mountain Sword.

2017 marks the 22nd year of Wild Rose Garland Dancers.

New Book Hot Off The Press!

Wild Rose Garland is pleased to announce the publishing and availability of our book "Dancing Flowers: A Garland Handbook". It includes 19 garland dances, 4 "jingler" dances, 2 ribbon dances and the written music for all of the above. It also includes a glossary of dance terms used, instructions for how to create garlands, jinglers,ribbons and a Maypole, further useful resources as well as an audio CD with the tunes we use. Dancing Flowers is available for $29 and mailing costs from Janet Trygstad, 503-452-1721.

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